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FIG 0001 Guest beat TV host

Undoubtedly, the most memorable scene in Turkish television history was the slap that Sevda Demirel gave to Hande Ataizi in a talk show program. At that time, this incident was discussed and discussed a lot. There were those who said advertising, the job was taken to different places, but the incident was not erased from memories.
Hande Ataizi’s face was wrinkled when Cem Davran said to Hande Ataizi as “our guest of a friend you love very much”. This legend would not prevent the slap, even if they muttered the belly in Arto’s song.
She told the singer Hande Ataizi and Sevda Demirel, known for her mischievous nature, that they came somewhere with their bodies. This is who more artists had removed the tension.
Sevda Demirel “Now I will sing a love song. Hande knows love very well. I do not establish one-night stands. I always advocated monogamy.” Hande Ataizi said, “How quickly did you forget that you were detained for prostitution, Sevda?” gave the answer by beat

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