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Animal Attack

CAT 0003 Ass kicking street cat

The incident took place in the cafe section of a park in Bağcılar Barbaros District on Tuesday, October 20th. When a man who took his dog out to walk him came to the garden of the cafe, he suddenly noticed the cat running towards him. Realizing that the cat was going to attack, the man tried to hold his dog up and hold it by the leash to protect it.

The attacking cat jumped on the man and climbed up to his back and neck. The cat, which jumped off the man’s back, continued to attack the dog in the man’s lap this time. After the cat and the man struggled for a while, the cat was removed from the scene with the help of people around.

Those moments of the man trying to protect himself from the cat attack with his dog on his lap were recorded by a security camera.

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