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DHA 0001 Goodman heating dove with a hair drier

The moments of heating the dove hairdryer, which was wet due to the torrential rain and trembling from the cold, were reflected in the camera.

Sabahattin Yılmaz, who lives in Sultangazi, left his house after feeling the earthquake in Izmir and moved to his office on the second floor of the same building. Yilmaz, who lingered here for a while, opened the window and looked outside, noticing that a dove that got wet due to the downpour and placed on the marble eaves was trembling from the cold. Yılmaz started to heat the dove with the hair dryer in the office. A citizen recorded those moments of Yılmaz, who heated the dove with a hair dryer for about 15 minutes, with a cell phone camera.
Sabahattin Yılmaz, telling about those moments that warmed people inside, said, “I was lying at home during the earthquake. The bed I was lying on started to slide left and right. At that moment I went down to the floor we used as an office. At that time, it rained a lot. I saw the bird when I opened the window. I saw that it was getting into the edge of the window. The bird got wet And he was about to freeze from the cold. After seeing him in that state, I bought the dryer. He recovered after quite a bit of warming it. I gave him birdseed as well. 15 minutes later I did the same again. After the bird recovered well and ate his food, it flew away. published. I do not know about the images. God bless those who took it. He also has a soul. Therefore I did it, “he said.

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