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DMB 0012 MTB biker ride o bike

The activity that has ceased to be a sport and has become a passion since the time you have made it a part of your daily life .. It excites you to reach places faster than pedestrians first, and then it makes you feel excited when the wind licks your face while leaving you downhill. an addiction begins to this wind, then an obsession with not slowing down without discerning ascent. If you are a person who likes to push your boundaries, you will continue without blushing and spoiling at first, but you will not only feed your speed anymore. When you get used to this event, which creates tiny adrenaline secretions in the first attempts, you learn to drive and direct without using your hands. Now, in cold weather, you can put your hands in your pocket and ride bicycles, sit upright and observe your surroundings better. The bicycle is now your most loyal friend, it comes everywhere with you, and you buy accessories for it, all tools, machine oil, etc. in your bag for maintenance. you move. Your fingerless gloves are constantly getting old .. No matter how you fall, you can never give up this passion from your bike, which can no longer endure the madness of your movements. Despite everything, we sometimes ride a bicycle in dangerous places

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