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TR 0019 Girls Fight on public

Starting with the sentence “look at me, bitch”, they are usually fighting that the parties end without doing much damage to each other, but we have some sisters who set the code.
It is an event that I do not understand why it is perceived as something more interesting or something else than a male fight. The same is true for both sexes, if they are treated very badly, they will fight, so you will not be in the blood of a person. Some of the differences are that women’s quarrels can be more aesthetic than men and men fight for obvious reasons; Considering the fact that women can harbor grudges against each other from bottom to bottom, it can arise for more unknown reasons. You will see that two girls who seem very close are intertwined head to head. things like that. Please let’s not make it abnormal if the boy who dives as hurra when his lover floats, is the girl who is normally assigned to the girl who hangs on his lover.
There is also something like this unforgettable

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